We want Authors’ work to continue to entertain, delight, transfix, inspire, inform, provoke thought, start conversations and provide insights. We’re excited about the possibilities the world now presents for an even more rewarding relationship between Authors and People. This relationship is at the heart of everything we do and is why The Author People was created.




We publish books without boundaries – We currently publish into paperback, eBook and licensed audiobook formats and are excited to see what will come next. Our books are available simultaneously worldwide through our shopping cart, affiliate networks and participating retailers and partners

We publish Authors, not just their books – We know that the relationship between Authors and People transcends books so our partnership will usually start with a book but it may not end there. We help Authors and People connect in all the places, spaces and forms that work best for them, all around the world. Examples of this may include events, speaking engagements and partnerships.

We connect Authors and People – We are always looking for opportunities to bring Authors and People together and love working with other content developers, platforms and associations to explore ways of doing this.

The Author People was founded by Lou Johnson and is now owned by Pantera Press.