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Polly McGee is one part writer, and many parts assorted thinker, do-er, talker, eater, drinker, explorer and dog wrangler. She has worked in kitchens, bars and restaurants from frantic to fancy, managed multi-million dollar innovation grants programs, worked with hundreds of start-ups to refine their business ideas and source funding, and championed causes from…


Adrian Simon, 38, is the son of Warren Fellows, the infamous heroin trafficker who was imprisoned in Bangkwang Prison in Bangkok and later published the bestselling memoir “The Damage Done”. But Warren wasn’t the only one affected by the experience; while he languished behind bars for 12 years, back home in suburban Australia lived a young boy who was forced…


I am an avid reader of all genres of books. The writings of Adrian Simon, is one of the sharpest, topical and captivating autobiographies I have read in a long time. It is a raw and emotional story of a balanced and at times a dysfunctional life.


– Rachel Merriweather

Listen to Adrian Simon in conversation with 2CC’s Rod Henshaw


Adrian Simon recently caught up with radio presenter Rod Henshaw from 2CC radio to discuss his new book Milk-Blood.

Listen in as Adrian discusses what it was like growing up the son of a convicted drug trafficker, the impact on his family and talks candidly and openly about his life around crime, drug trafficking, heroin addiction and his own coming of age.